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    We seek to add value to pastors and leaders just as they in turn add value to us. At CDC Network we are often called to assist ministries that have a very limited budget and are often unable to cover the cost of a consultation for the mission of growing healthy churches. Your giving would enable us to continue to give resources and consultation to ministries that we feel impressed to help as a labor of love.

    It would be an honor to have you partner with us financially, as we seek to help develop effective pastors and leaders.

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    CDC NETWORK does not sell, trade or convey to individuals or other organizations personal information about our donors. We do not sell, lend or convey our mailing information to individuals or other organizations.

    CDC NETWORK is a 501 (c)3 Nonprofit Coaching & Consulting Firm. Also registered with GuideStar.


  • "To  build  a  winning  organization,
    establish  a  culture  of  winning
    and  make  everyone  accountable.
    Out  of  high  standards  come
    - Jim Calhoun

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