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    The “Miracle Baskets” concept was conceived during our 2018 campaign “Bring Christmas to A Needy Family in Nicaragua”. Because of the generosity of our partners and friends, CDC Network was able to provide 50 families with a basket that included food and much needed household items.

    This community outreach confirmed the tremendous need existing among many families and individuals in Nicaragua. The delivery of the baskets opened the door for several families and individuals to experience the miraculous.

    The gentleman pictured on the left and his family had been in need of food and household necessities for several weeks. Unaware that a miracle basket was on its way, this husband and father continued to proclaim to his family that God was going to provide. Receiving the miracle basket at the point of their need reminded this family that miracles still happen for those who believe.

    The woman pictured to the right is 74 years of age with no steady income. She survives on the little money she receives from doing the laundry of others who can afford to pay. Recently, she was diagnosed with cancer and currently receives radiation therapy. The miracle basket that she received provided food items that she would need to consume during this therapy.

    When a poor widow and grandmother with two grandchildren received a miracle basket, our team discovered that the family was in desperate need of mattresses. CDC Network stepped up to the plate and made the purchase. This family no longer sleeps on cardboard, and If you ask them about it, they would surely say that it was a miracle.

    Such miracles as these have been the catalyst for the launching of our next project, “The Miracle Baskets.” Because of the overwhelming needs that exist in third world countries including Nicaragua, we have purposed to provide Miracle Baskets to needy families in Nicaragua and other forgotten countries as funds become available.

    Will you help us to provide “Miracle Baskets” to needy families?

    “Let each of you look out not for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

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    focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we  fear."
    - Brian Tracy

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